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Naming a podcast is hard

There are many approaches to naming, and there’s no correct way to do it. It’s easy to look at your favorite podcasts and try to emulate their title, but what worked for them on their rise to popularity may not work today or for you. Instead of copying their formula, see what you like about it. What approach would have led to a name like that?

Types of podcast names

  • Host-driven (it’s your podcast—put your name in it)
  • Descriptive / functional (this doesn’t have to be dry; it can still be an interesting way of describing your podcast’s subject matter or its vibe)
  • Eccentrically worded (hyperspecific, extra-long, etc.)
  • Community-driven (inside jokes, references, or puns that only your listeners would get, etc.)
  • Hodgepodge (combining or borrowing from any of the above naming conventions, as many great names do)

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How to think about naming

Naming your show shouldn’t be a roadblock to creativity; it should be a pathway. Your podcast name should make a good first impression and feel unique to your show. This means (unfortunately) we can’t just write the perfect name for you. But we can (hopefully) inspire you to come up with it on your own.

Some of the most memorable names only seem so in retrospect. It’s easy, once a podcast has achieved success, to say, “Well they had a great name,” when in reality, their name has its own flaws and sets of challenges.

The point is: If you love a name despite its flaws, you should commit to it anyway.

Naming ultimately reveals something about the creator behind it.

  • Are you formal or informal?
  • How seriously do you take the subject matter, or yourself?
  • Do you strive to name your podcast something that no one else would

Often people try to be clever, but it’s hard to force it, so we broke down some approaches to help get you started—and some mechanics to think about.

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Let’s take a closer look

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